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This is a toy, hope you like it... Spirograph (PDF)
or... if you prefer the PDF version Spirograph (GIF)
or... if you like play with a Spirograph inside a Spirograph spirograph
and, if you want even more... then try the SuperSpirograph .

Graphics of functions f : [ax, bx] × [ay, by] → R

Creates graphics of functions R2 → R.


Click here to create Newton's Fractals, Mandelbrot's Set, Julia's Set

Iterate function systems

Click here to create ifs fractals

Turtle Graphics

Click here to make PDF turtle graphics

Click here to make EPS turtle graphics

Finite Automata

Finite automata and regular expressions.


L-Systems and 2-Dimensional turtles, recursive curves.

L-Systems and 3-Dimensional turtles, recursive polyhedra, fractalhedra.

Three Dimensional Convex Regular Polytopes

Geometrical descriptions of three dimensional convex regular polytopes.

Four Dimensional Convex Regular Polytopes

Geometrical descriptions of four dimensional convex regular polytopes.

Arden's Rule

Arden's Rule


Create your Maze or Labyrinth

Beakman's electric motor

Click here to watch the video

Sliced Solids

Having a slicer in home is not a good idea, specially if you are a mathematician. Take a look.


Foamy solids

Regular expressions and Finite Deterministic Automata

automata is a collection of programs to manipulate RE and FDA.

True tables

A page to compute truth tables

Long division

Long division is a program for verifying your elementary school homework, please don't use it for cheating.

Trigonometry (without drawing)

Memories of my courses on Calculus and Trigonometry in ESFM.

Dev-C++ 5.9

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